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Monday, December 3, 2012

Scarecrows and Compound Words

This past week was full of lots fun about scarecrows and compound words. We read some scarecrow stories and then imagined what it would be like if a scarecrow really could come to life.  We wrote our own creative writing stories about a scarecrow coming to life in our room, focusing on great description. They showed not only great imagination, but used great description to explain what they imagined!  They were fantastic!
Since this week was about scarecrows, we also learned about compound words.  The kids were Compound Chefs (chef’s hat and all!)  We learned about how compound words are really two words mixed together that make one new word.  Chefs also mix things up and make something brand new.
And what do they do when they make a great dish?  Why they write it down of course and make a recipe.  Today we made our very own recipes of compound words. Each student made one big one, which went into make a class book…making a “Compound Cookbook”
Then after they did one big one, they made their very own compound cookbooks! Who knew compound words could be so much fun?
            Next, we made some compound cookies, which went perfectly on our very own Compound Chefs that we made.  Cookbooks went home with students and our chefs stayed in the class, reminding us that not only do we know what compounds are, but that we can become anything we want…including world famous chefs!

Thanks to Cara Carroll for coming up with this great Compound Chef idea and to for Danielle Rojo for finding it!

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Jen Martin said...

Thanks Donna! It's nice being able to share what we do! Thanks for the kind comment (and for letting me know that someone is actually reading the posts.) I appreciate it!