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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Classroom Tour

Welcome to Mrs. Martin's Room!

The view when you walk in the room.
The wall was very dirty, so dirty that I must have cleaned it at least 15 times and it still looked like it had never been cleaned once.  Then I decided to give up on the cleaning and to instead cover it up.   I love it; It brings a natural and calming aspect to my room.  Thank goodness for my Hubby's help! I love that man!
This is where we hold the math supplies for Math Workshop. 
Students grab the tubs for their group when they are on that station. 
My new Math Workshop board.  I have 5 stations and 5 groups.  They are named after colleges: Cornell, Harvard, Yale, Cal/Berkeley, and Stanford. The stations are Teacher, Practice, Review, Game, and Other. To the right are Addition and Subtraction key words.  

*You can get the Addition and Subtraction Key Words Signs for free HERE!*

Our tree always looks so scary at the beginning of the year, but by the end of the year it is completely covered with leaves.  We add a leaf for each day of school.The students get so excited to come in and see where the new one has "grown.
Since I took these before Meet the Teacher, on the table I have my fill-out volunteer sheets, pens, my information magnet, and our specialty schedule. 
This is my levels board where we put information about each of the behavior levels. 
I use Discipline Without Stress Punishments or Rewards by Marvin Marshall.  I made some posters that I will display on this wall, along with the books we read for that level.  You can find the posters HERE.   There are also class books and handouts, if you are interested, that you can get HERE.

I made the banners from a great website I found on Pinterest.  You can print the banners for FREE.  Head to the blog, Ruffled, by Clicking HERE
I had a yellow clock and decided that I needed to do something different with it.  In the past, I have done a sun with it with cloud paper background. However, I wanted to display it functionally in even more ways- so I turned this yellow clock into a flower and labeled the parts. The tree also gets labeled when we get to our plan unit.  You probably can't tell from the picture, but the tree also has roots.

To the right of my Levels Wall is our class library.  Most of the books are in bins based on genre, reading level, or author. Another view of the same area is below. 

*You can get my poem for free by clicking HERE*

and you can get the "oFISHally in ____ Grade" for free from Mikaela Peterson by clicking HERE.
 If you would also like to check out her blog, you can find it here

The view from the other side of the room. On the door is our jobs.
The sign above says "Come 'hang out' with Mrs. Martin's Class!"
Flowers always add that home-feeling kind of touch.  
We use the planter boxes to plant vegetables and fruit during our plant unit though.  

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  

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